An Eventful Ascend ’23: What You Need To Know

Thu 15 Jun 2023 posted by Kristen Egger


Well, it has been an eventful few days at Ascend 2023. What did we learn?

Short Answer = A lot!

Ascend 2023 started with a bang on Sunday with the Tropical Kick-Off and maintained high energy throughout the duration of the conference. 

Team: Raj Ramalingam, Andrew Kraft, Bruce Maghan, and Megan Testani

There were several different themes this year, but two main points to take away:

Cloud ERP

  • Don’t fear the Myth – Cloud ERP can be successfully extended to support specific business requirements.  The key is understanding the specific need and how to address it best (configuration workarounds or PAAS Extension).  This is best addressed via an overall assessment by a qualified partner.
  • The most efficient approach when leveraging PAAS Extensions is to ensure you are using Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) as your integration platform, as it is the only way to leverage the “near real-time” potential of Cloud ERP.

EBS – “The reports of death have been greatly exaggerated.”

  • There was a solid re-focus on EBS at this year’s conference. A few key points:
    • EBS 12.2 Premier Support is available through 2034.
    • EBS 12.1 Market Support will end in 2024 – if you have not upgraded or have planned to move to Cloud ERP, you need to determine a path forward soon.
  • There’s a healthy volume of Roadmap enhancements coming for EBS, which is a solid indication of Oracle’s willingness to continue to invest in the technology:
    • Major focus across multiple apps (Manufacturing, Procurement, Projects) on streamlining overall processes, not just individual portions, to effectively move break-even point/ROI as early as possible.
  • Enterprise Command Centers (ECCs):
    • Oracle is making a strong point of focusing on these as they are powerful, free, and readily used today.  The ECCs provide immediate actionable analysis capabilities across the EBS landscape via a user-friendly graphic-driven front end.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth at Ascend 2023 and participated in our education sessions. We look forward to assisting you on your journey to Oracle excellence! If you missed us, be sure to contact our experts to evaluate your next step toward your organization’s technology evolution in the projects space.