Oracle EBS and Unifier Integration Framework

Mon 5 Oct 2020 posted by Project Partners

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Sachin Gupta | Oracle Primavera Solution Architect – Application Integration Specialist

Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Primavera Unifier Integration Framework

Project Partners implemented this solution for a large metropolitan transportation customer using an on-premise Oracle EBS solution framework.

The project involved the customer implementing Oracle Unifier cloud a few months prior. They were looking for an effective solution to load actuals from on-premise Oracle EBS to Oracle Unifier Cloud. They had created a business process in Oracle Unifier for actuals transaction and enabled integration.

The customer did have one simple requirement. They needed a scalable solution to load eligible actuals transaction from on-premise Oracle EBS to Oracle Unifier cloud daily using a REST API.

As the project moved forward, we conducted our due diligence and dug deeper, identifying a few more items that needed to be appropriately addressed:

  • The ability to introduce new attributes in the integration equilibrium may require updating all transactions in Unifier with the data from EBS.
  • Avoid duplicate transactions.
  • The capability of identifying and creating/updating transactions and, in rare scenarios, deleting transactions from Unifier to keep it always in sync with Oracle EBS.

After reviewing various options with the customer, they agreed on the framework shown below:

  1. Utilize Oracle EBS concurrent requests to populate data daily in a staging table.
  2. Pull data from Oracle Unifier Cloud in the staging table.
  3. Compare the data in two staging tables to identify new and modified data.
  4. Call Oracle Unifier Rest API to process the data.

Noted advantages of this framework:

  • Scalable – It can easily process a volume of 100,000 transactions daily.
  • Automated – It can identify new vs. modified data and discard data that do not require change.
  • Extensible – New attributes introduced for integration can be easily populated for all existing transactions in Oracle Unifier Cloud.

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